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May 26, 1987


Mr. Daniel R. Walbolt, Vice President Student Affairs

Mr. Bryan S. Burgess, USF Attorney, General Counsel

Mr. Rafael Rivera, President Rent-A-Student, Springí87

Rent-A-Studentís formal position in relation to USF, and particularly Sponsored Research, was brought up and discussed in the Universityís Presidentís Council Meeting.

The provost showed concern about an inevitable conflict with Sponsored Research if R-A-S were to be granted a franchise to develop and market student projects. The University program must remain a unified blanket approach to research and fund raising for developing projects. The President has refused to allow any private corporations to do any projects independently of the University. Corporations must either contract with the University to complete such projects, or rent the space and pay for the use of university facilities.

The two greatest concerns of the meeting were:

Whether Rent-A Student would have the ability and resources to structure what is necessary for work on
That there is no duplication of services offered by the university.

Dr. George R. Newkome, Vice Provost & Dean of Graduate School came to USF to set up Sponsored Research and the policies and procedures for such projects. At this meeting Dr. Newkome was not interested in allowing R-A-S a contract for the necessary space and resources for such a program which seemed to only duplicate his programs.

Mr. Burgess & Mr. Walbolt recommended that Rent-A-Student operate as a student organization. R-A-S could help by taking a role in marketing and advertising such projects since the university isnít structured for this. If Rent-A-Student could develop a program to work within the university, and consistently with it, or otherwise create an agreement with Dr. Newkome; then the Presidentís Counsel may consider a grant of authority.

If there are any additions, deletions, or revisions to these minutes please call the undersigned at 962-3097.

Respectfully Submitted,


Rafael Rivera