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The David C. Anchin Center was established through the philanthropy of the family of David C. Anchin, the founder of the Accounting firm of Anchin, Anchin and Block.

The Purposes of the Center

Reinventing schools and the programs that prepare professionals for the schools in ways that meet the needs of children and society in the coming century.
Relating education to business, to other social agencies, to the arts, to advanced technology, and to the larger community.
Restructuring the educational system to reassert our nation's commitment to, and preeminence in, education.
Renewing the interests and enthusiasms of teachers by helping teachers to work effectively toward achievement of their professional and personal goals.


Our Credo

A Statement of Faith in the Educators of Today

A Commitment to Excellence in the Schools of Tomorrow

The Center makes: A Statement of Faith in the Educators of Today

The Educators of today can and will create the truly outstanding schools for our children. They need our help.

The David Anchin Center for the Advancement of Teaching will strive to assure excellence in the educational future of Florida and the nation. The Center will be concerned with providing teachers with the help that they need to create superior schools for the 21st century. The Center will direct efforts toward the professional development of teachers, and the infusion of technology into teaching in ways that free teachers to spend more time working with children in small groups. This will reinvent the profession in ways that will attract and retain more of the best and brightest young people to teaching, and will develop activities which lead to the development of better teachers and better schools. The Center will encourage and support the development of effective networks among school districts, the business community, and other education-related agencies and activities.

Contact Information

Please feel free to contact us directly for further information:

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4202 E. Fowler Ave, DAC 101; Tampa Fl 33620
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