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Constitutional BY-LAWS

I. Name of Organization

Students Taking an Active Role in Society, STARS

II. Purpose

To provide the needed link connecting students and the resources available to them at the university with the local community, and vice versa. STARS will develop projects that will help to develop the community and the educational system. Students will gain experience while contributing their capacities to the planning and development of the these community projects.

III. Anti-Hazing and State Statute 240.262

IV. Meetings

Currently, STARS operates with the IQ Services Agency in the University Center. All interested parties are welcomed. Members and officers in attendance will discuss current activities.

V. Finances

Determined effort and commitment to excellence are the only mandatory inputs. All actions must be approved by an Officer.

A) All transactions are to be conducted by barter, including money &/or contracts which will only be binding to those individuals involved, and shall be negotiated by the individual parties involved.

B) A public service project must clearly train students or provide a significant service to benefit the general community. Such projects may receive any moneys donated.

l) Funds necessary to the operation and development of projects shall be gathered through solicitations.

2) Initial solicitations should be directed to sponsoring schools (University Foundations &/or scholarship funds), public organizations and institutions prior to any other public solicitations.

3) Potential proprietary information must be disclosed to the sponsoring university or education institution.

a) All derived funds will only be used for completing and supporting public service projects, or other non-profit service ventures.

b) These Ventures must be approved and supervised by the Executive Board and the Executive Director.

C) A project which bring direct personal gain to those supporting it will not be a Non-Profit Venture. Such projects may not receive any moneys donated for Non-Profit purposes, but may be developed through STARS if it proves beneficial to the organization, the general community, the active members, or their goals.

VI. Project and Committee Officers

Have been appointed based upon contribution of service and shall continue as such until which time that person fails to perform the responsibilities of his duty, or until that person is replaced by another with obvious superior qualifications.

VII. Committees

Are appointed by the officers when a project requires supplemental administration and are so designated until completion of the task. The committee and project officers need not be voting members.

VIII. Amendments

Are welcomed for consideration in order to maximize the successful efforts of STARS. Subject to unanimous approval of the voting officers. Any amendments to these By Laws must be submitted to the University and Corporate Authorities for approval before they become operational.


Information presented on or through STARS is provided for educational and discussion purposes only. STARS makes no guarantee, implied or otherwise, as to the accuracy or completeness of any information provided on or through this service.
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