AASHE STARS - Sustainability Tracking, Assessment & Rating System Compiled the STARS report for the Preeminent Research University of South Florida, a large, public 4-year university with an annual budget of $1.8 billion that is ranked 42nd in the nation for research expenditures among all public or private universities. Obtained Gold designation three years in a row.

Sustainability Office - Part of the lead team to support creating the office in the Patel College of Global sustainability. This office was moved under the Provost.

Stonelake Ranch - Recompiled SWMM Model to include current basin storages over a 7 sq ml area. This included a proposed bridge, site reconnosence and structure inspections to bring the existing 100yr flood stage down ~3 feet.

Anclote River - Recompiled SWMM Model to include SWFWMD GIS data, old CDM Anclote SWMM Study, Hillsborough's Rocky Creek & Brooker SWMM Study to complete data analysis of riverine systems headwaters for accurate site designs for several thousand homes.

Tampa Premium Outlets & Northwoods Projects, Expanded and updated Cypress Creek SWMM model and analyzed areas expanding site footprint necessary for construction plans;

East Lake - Analyzed final improvement study for Orient Road outfall construction plans.

Hillsborough River - Developed proposed conditions of SWMM basin study for Central River Systems.

Alafia River - Created SWMM existing conditions basin study for North Prong, South Prong and English Creek.

Cone Ranch Creek - Modeled hydrodynamic backwater study for groundwater recharge and water conservation system.

Falkenberg Road - Updated County Delenay Creek SWMM Program to develop interconnected pond system and creek realignment for roadway improvements and major commercial developments.

Ybor City - Reconfigured Stormwater Basin Study into XP-SWMM.

Anclote River - Modeled for FEMA floodway no rise certificate through Hec2 analysis.

Automation Plan 95-97 - Hillsborough County's Planning; Growth Management Department's plan was developed and revised to increase equipment budgets by over 41%. This included systems to directly transfer digital data to the County GIS, modeling and inventory systems. Technology and procedures were developed for CAD disk submittal for review and permitting construction in 1072 square mile county jurisdiction.

Carrollwood Village Watershed Management Plan - SWMM Storm Water Management Model developed to reduce golf course flood stage with the installation of a 48" RCP dwon Dale Mabry Highway.

County Violation/Enforcement - Rewrote procedures for Natural Resource Regulations.

Hillsborough County Stormwater Management Manual - was recompiled with new requirements developed from Florida State guidelines, other local cities and negotiations with engineers developing in the region.

Allen's Creek Watershed Management Plan - EPA Storm Water Management Model (SWMM) and Water Quality Analysis Program (WASP4) were linked to complete the first Florida watershed waterbody Model using an ArcInfo GIS database.

Mannengon Hills - A resort community in the Territory of Guam - $1.5 billion 1300-acre residential hillside development which included 10 million cy earthwork, 100 retaining walls, 35 bridges, 15 miles of roadway & 45 holes of gulf designed by Arnold Palmer & Jack Nicklaus.

Lake Seminole Water Quality Study - Calibrated EPA SWMM Storm Water Management Model.

Gardinier Phosphate Plant - Engineered design, construction plans and EPA SWMM Storm Water Management Model for completely new site stormater infrastructure.

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