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These original documents were completed and presented as a function of you local public government. None were acted upon nor made functional beyond just defining them as presented here.

Students Taking an Active Role in Society
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Web Development Plan

Hillsborough County's connection to the Education Development Industry

Proposed Objectives

Whereas, Hillsborough County needs volunteers to complete specific project works related to detailed County Functions;
Whereas, local Student Populations need specific educational requirements for obtaining Real-life work experiences;
Whereas, STARS USA Inc. is an existing organization that links experiential educational requirements and desires of students to organizations seeking services;

This Development Plan will use STARS functions to link students with County work activities.

This Agreement will establish an interactive relationship of students, faculty, community, and County government members, which will use STARS to match County project needs with the student education requirements in local schools. STARS continues to develop the concepts and applications of the Unified Educational Resource Database as its major mission.

The primary goal is to allow STARS to develop the operation of this Unified Educational Resource Database and make it available on the World Wide Web. The opportunity to develop these technologies as an Internet service with the County affords a unique opportunity to achieve one objective towards the STARS goals. The Secondary goal is to establish a clear specific relationship between STARS and the County to facilitate the First Goal.

A Unified Educational Resource Database on the World Wide Web functions as the interactive data collection and tracking service of STARS. County employees can access this database to develop and implement academic projects utilizing the resources and the students available through STARS.

Employees will have direct access to a database function over the Internet linking student project interests and faculty academic goals.

In addition to producing reports, accounting current development, and querying for new employment possibilities, the database will provide direct access to professionals operating in the local schools. This database will include these STARS Service functions:

Specific Web entry point to define STARS membership ID, to provide for simple access and reference in the future.
Data entry form to define project requirements, goals, facilities, locations and specific description of skill levels and abilities required.
Data Query abilities to search and review current student membership, professional and academic interests.
Data Query functions to check proposed project progress and academic project functions.

Proposed Tasks Completed

The STARS service functions will be completed and implemented through the Unified Educational Resource Database as defined across the World Wide Web. These functions will be posted and made available to all local schooling institutions as well as internationally for "Distance Learning" functions as well as continued educational development.

  1. The County may define specific projects and then review and discuss completion of the necessary tasks directly with the faculty and students interested.
  2. County projects defined in scope and content can be submitted directly to STARS for administration and direction. The County then may review and evaluate results as completed independently by interested faculty and students.

Contract Issues

These functions completed by STARS will afford increased opportunities to the County as well as the faculty and student members. Several different issues need to be addressed to insure the proper functioning of this operation.

Access to Facilities

Currently STARS has received funding from the Florida Office of Campus Volunteers to establish an office for the STARS USF student chapter. This grant may be revised to establish this student office in the County Center. This would require STARS equipment being insured at this Office in the County Center.

Student Access to County resource issues needs to be determined and evaluated.
Supervised off-hour access may be necessary to complete required functions around schooling hours..

Operational Expenses

Currently STARS has not received funding for any project development functions. Additional expenses for specialized software and hardware may become necessary to insure optimal systems are established through the student office in the County Center.

Volunteer Students visiting the County Center should receive reimbursement for parking expenses.
A simplistic method should be established for transfer of surplus county equipment to STARS. STARS may then use other university or community resources to upgrade and repair such equipment for use in the County Center student office.

County Personnel Support

A new accounting code for County Personnel time involved in the creation and support of STARS functions at the County may encourage employee participation.

IRS 501(c3) Tax Considerations

Currently STARS has received an Advanced Determination from the IRS. STARS has been given this ability to operate as an exempt organization for 6 years, during which time to establish it's funding sources. All STARS funding has been for specific projects it has been involved in. A professional Tax Consultant was paid by the direct payment from active members. This Advance Ruling Period ended June 30, 1996.

STARS is now required to submit Form 8734, Support Schedule for Advance Ruling Period
The annual Form 990 return to the IRS is due.



Information presented on or through STARS is provided for educational and discussion purposes only. STARS makes no guarantee, implied or otherwise, as to the accuracy or completeness of any information provided on or through this service.

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