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Project Abstract
We are building a new healing and training center for local professionals to get started in their arts.


About Eric
Hi, I'm a Civil Engineer, yes that just means that I like to play in the dirt. Nothing too serious but it was an easy way to make a living. Course I soon realized I was more interested in Living than simply earning an income. So I PRAYED about having more time to explore and play ... more eric

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About us
Our mission is to provide a space for healers, therapists and teachers to share their gifts with others. We understand that each individual includes highly specific and compartmentalized dimensions of energy.

When one or more of these bodies are imbalanced, dis-harmony or dis-ease occurs. We help teachers to balance these.Creating a space for teachers to share... A place to find lessons to work with... A space for students to find good teachers... is what we are all about :

These people have done projects and created a source of income from it. They are here to share with the community and give back to others.

These Teachers demonstrate the STARS concept of developing projects by helping us all learn and improve ourselves.

I hope you can find something here to further your own growth and knowledge. Please visit often as new instructors are always visiting.

"May the long time Sun shine above you
All love surround you
And the pure light within
you - Guide your way on"


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