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Walt Disney's Dreamers and Doers

I have been accepted into the independent island nation, once part of Hawaii, this 1st day of January 2010. I recently moved into my quarters after paying the $5,000 entry fee, and passing the required tests that satisfied them with my capacity to be productive enough for them to benefit from my stay here. I woke this morning to the wild version of "Had a Dream" by Roger Hodson of the 1980ís, which I had cites as an old favorite to wake to, as an answer to one of the many questions in the tests.

I rolled off my bed and it popped back into the wall, just like the barracks beds in old war movies. I walked across the room to the central computer; central for me in my room that is. It had a list of items blinking on the screen. I read it over and pressed the key designated for "Food," since I was starving. Instantly a menu popped up. I picked out a breakfast combo even though I was tempted to press the "Other" key, just to see what else I could have. Soon it was back to the list of choices, which the time remaining for my food blinking in the corner. I touched a key for the morning news which replaced my music. Back to the list again, so I figured Iíd take a shower.

I pushed a key for "Shower", and a door opened up over by the bathroom. There was even already steaming soapy water spraying from spout in the ceiling.

"Groovy," they made it all so easy, even a little wash cloth folded sitting on a shelf. So I started at my scrubbing. Soon I noticed only plain water was spraying onto me.

"Dumb thing screwed up already." I looked around hoping to find a bar of soap, and I saw this red button blinking by the entrance to the shower that had "computer" written on it. So I looked at the box across the room and in big letters it said "soap."

"Great," I said when I punched it. It then went right on blinking, so I looked back at the box. It read "Shave," this time, so I hit it again and a little shaver popped out onto the shelf.

I got all cleaned up, dried off, and made it in time to catch my breakfast right after the buzzer went off. I was eating and listening to the news, when I finally noticed the blinking list on the computer. There wasnít much left on it, "Clothes," "Work," "Information," "Other. I pressed "Work," and a copy of my resume appeared, and then a list of possible jobs. I wasnít too sure what I could do since I knew I had to do some work on my first day. I dressed up after eating, figuring I should start as high up as I could, at least with some kind of office work.

I decided "Journalism," and got the directions to get there and who to talk to, and started on my way out.

I walked out of my place and hopped onto the track which took me into the city. I followed the signs and walked over to the edge and hopped off, right in front of the news offices.

Up in the office I met the Manager. Since he had a copy of my resume on his screen, he only asked me a few questions about the things I had done. Finally he told me:

"Write about something important." He described the Teletype in the next room which printed up important things happening in the community. I asked about the new satellite I heard about that morning.

"Yes, Iím sure that is the major issue people will be talking about for a while. You can even ask your terminal in your office about it."

I thanked him for everything and then went and read up about the satellite on the teletype. It seemed like the main problem was the foreign countries questioning our right to interfere with their "war deterring efforts."

I walked to my office with a piece from the Teletype. I typed the title of it into my box to see what it was all about. It turned out the fancy new satellite was like a giant aerospace magnifying glass. It was put into space to intensify and direct the sunís rays to the new high tech solar power plant. There were defense codes at the bottom, and I could guess what they were about remembering the fun I had when I was a kid chasing ants on a sunny sidewalk after my Dad broke his glasses.

I was curious about the defense, wondered if I was right. When I went in to talk to my manager he told me not to worry about those foreign countries.

"You should concern yourself more with what youíve written." Figures he had it on his screen too.

"Why donít you look at what you have and tell us how these changes in the way of life have changed your lifestyle, and the community, especially in view of this new satellite." Boy did he say a mouth full, and we went over things more before I had my game plan set. He even gave me this "Community Journalist" ID card that he instructed me to wear when I approached people with my questions.

"Yes, go out and interview and observe these changes and their effects that you want to write about. Donít forget that your computer at home can tie into this office if you need anything."

I put on the ID card and started walking back to my office thinking of all the new implications.

"Hello Eric," this one woman said as I walked by her.

"Huh, howíd you knowÖ"

"Sorry, I saw your tag. What are you going to research?"

"Well, aaÖ, The implications of this new satellite." I finally said trying to act intelligent.

"Oh neat, the one that went up last night, I love it. I already can have another day off this weekend since our electricity bill dropped."


"Yep, and you better get studying this subject if you want to write anything about it, especially before you start asking people about it."

It was wild talking to all the different people all over the place. Everyone was excited about what was happening, and surprisingly well informed, since they were involved as much as they wanted to be through their private little computer.

I remember when I first heard of the City Planning Corporation that was selling stock and taking on anyone who had something to offer. They didnít have any salary and had to do everything through a computer. Now that Iím here and see all the freedom and possibilities that are generated when I donít have to worry about taxes, traffic, working, food, or anything; Iím really stunned, especially going out and seeing it all. Itís really simple, NO RED TAPE, everything is automated, so we do what we want through the system of a city!!! It naturally assures we do what is required of us before we can get anything, but with it all being in a key board before us, from refusing our requests, to answering why it refused us, to helping us gain what we need and want.

I was stunned when I checked out the farming operations. The little old ladies gossiping about everything as they rolled around the vineyard collecting grapes on their wheelchairs. An old veteran let me use his wheelchair to race his buddy in the third annual "The Grape Race." We raced collecting as many grapes as we could. It was fun, but not only did he collect more grapes, and beat me in time; but lots of my grapes were unripe and damaged, compared to his that were all sweet and fine.

The people get what they want on a merit system, which explained why everyone was friendly and receptive to me. I guess it was like the old Vet told me, itís like the army. I wore the sign of trust and respect from the community, so everyone was interested in expressing their concern for their community. Everyone has a quota to meet for "food and services" in work output, with every different job one chooses having a different value.

Sure I could sleep the rest of the day, but then my report would stink in missing all that Iíve talked of. Just like the Granny who sleeps in a wheelchair doesnít have any grapes in the end. Itís funny, like "Big Brother is watching you," since we are all working for the same thing, the happiness and freedom we share. Out of respect and gratitude for all our conveniences we seem to work to help each other.

I write now at late evening after my first day exploring the fields of Aquarious, the name finally given to this complex. All I can say is that I love it, I couldnít dream of leaving. Not only was the communityís direct interest and insight into its own activities inspirational, but it was an interesting and influential experience in encountering the various classes and types of people working together within the fields. At this time I canít wait to encounter the other groups; the social services, and their processing, cooking, and exporting of their food. Yes, food is their major and only exporting commodity, which explains why they have a corner on the market!!


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