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I. Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering Science Degree


The Doctor's Degree will seek to show the validity of this "hypothesis:"

Life, through evolution, seeks to unify matter and energy into more concentrated complex forms to create more of these energies.

Proof tested:

The Unification of all Infrastructure Systems existing in a typical society into a Single System will eliminate the problems of that society.

This theory will be tested through the development of a publicly interactive computer database (GIS- Geographic Information Systems) system representing the ecological, economic, environment of a society. All available informational resources will be combined and reviewed by all participants, documenting all the sources, changes, additions, and deletions made by participants as additional information sources are included. "Participants" should ideally all be members of the "society" being tested.

The candidate to represent the resulting data of this unification to define the truth of the Unification Theory of Infrastructure will generate new "combinations" through the GIS digital models.

If Unification is the process of Evolution as represented by the Evolution Equation, Infrastructure represents the unification of all the information processes of man; (i.e. Man's Knowledge and Truth) combined into one source. Thus, if Evolution achieves its goal by unification, then any True Unification should be beneficial (i.e. survival of the fittest) and new combination of truths in man's society should provide for expansion and reproduction thereof.

Thus, if the unification of the society's infrastructure, and therefore the unification of the processes of Man into a single process, solves the problems defined as existing in the society's infrastructure, Then the theory is supported. And finally, the hypothesis will be supported as well.

The GIS systems must include all the ecological, economic, environmental and educational "sources and sinks," and a defined method for developing combinations and concentrating these combinations.

This test may be completed through the pursuit of Engineering Science involving:

Management Information Systems &/or Mass Communication
Class concentration will be placed on the combinations, which provide for information distribution to document specific environmental data, resources, needs, and "wastes."
Further research should be into adequate quality control and evaluation techniques for obtaining accurate and timely information for completing specific "combinations."
Mass Transit/Infrastructure Planning/Construction &/or Urban Design
Additional research will include the means of transfer for both the information documenting the "process of combination," and the physical materials which transfer from "source to sink" to form new combinations as result of the "process."

Including a MS in Civil Engineering - Water Resources/Environmental

This should include fundamentals in hydraulic system design, pressure systems, chemical eutrophication processes, and the ecological thermodynamic processes between rivers, lakes, estuaries, and oceans.
Basic transportation theory, public administration, and the information processes of infrastructure systems should be comprised within the applied master's projects; which will function as a representation of the processes between rivers, lakes, estuaries, and MAN.

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