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May 18, 1985

R. Reagan, President


I must now refrain from this utopian abstractness since I do intend to accomplish these things in due time. I feel we shall succeed since it does seem utopian and is very well needed now for mankind. I’m an innovative rebel and shall likely retire in a university after all the necessary years to earn a Doctor’s Degree in Macro - Engineering, especially since this University doesn’t yet have such a degree program.

However these abstractions further lead me to question the reality of the continuous electromagnetic fields that one concentrates on, or which is a reality of all matter. This can be understood with Einstein’s equation and the reality of integration which can sum the total energy and matter (i.e. Universe), and differentiation which can express this as a rate of change, which is the purpose of man… and GOD (to increase it all to LOVE.) But the President is talking to the Soviets so maybe they can take all the nuclear weapons and make power plants for Ethiopia or better yet, we can sit down and solve our problems right here.

Sorry about these abstractions, but Einstein dreamed of an equation for all reality, which now can be realized, just as my, and untold thousands of others’ dreams of utopia can now be realized if we all get together.

Thank you for your precious time.




PS Currently the people who have received inspiration for similar expressions of thought include most of my teachers of this year and:

R. B. Fuller, Author

E. Von Heinburg, College Relations, Honeywell

A. H. Pettigrew, Career Resource Center, U.S.F.

R. E. Dickstein, President, Dickstein Associates, Inc.

Editors, Fortune, Inc.

Al Eugenio - Director Rent-a-Kid for Hillsborough County, Tampa

Tom Petty Bob Geldoff

Johnny Carson Joyce Speilberger

Yes, and everyone got this too… and surely few read it or understood.

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