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Beginning with a local typical contracting company seeking new and different housing to build and lease, we build condo’s of the typical Tampa format, but only one floor high. These are built with a unified sewer, water, heating and cooling system. This system must be defined by suitable engineers, preferably students (USF) who have the access to vast stores of information to make it efficient, instead of simply profitable.

Next, a local solar company builds a roof for these condo’s. This roof has their heat absorbing glass separated by the tracks of piped water to absorb this heat. This heat is later utilized in the home, as well as to produce electricity.

As a ceiling they may use the same materials, if the water through the tracks begins this initial flow and has been fully cooled. This ceiling may be polarized, or just have blinds supported beneath it. There is also air circulating which may be blown just under the surface of the ceiling to cool the home, or blown just under the surface of the roof through appropriate vents to heat the home.

Now between the roof and the ceiling is a confined environment comparable to the outdoor summer time in Florida. This environment could easily be accessed by doors, and stairs, and even opened up to the home with screening and windows.

Next a local hydroponics company may come in and fill this confined environment with vegetables, especially if this set of housing is to be public housing for the poor. Obviously only special selected and informed poor should have such an opportunity, but if we have to supply them with housing, we should at least make it profitable, instead of only expensive. This opportunity surely will be sought by many if not for the need of a year round harvest of vegetables, then simply for the great beauty and pleasure of having a full complete and clean environment for the growth of any flora, fruit, and Florida vegetation.

Better yet this construction could be set down into the ground with a pool next to it to avoid the flooding. This pool could be enclosed in the same environment, so it could support a wide range of aquatic life as well. Then the area could support a rabbit farm, and some other rodents or alligators. If this construction were organized, with all the local companies, it could be built as Fraternity Row with all the students at USF and put right next to the V.A. Hospital, and work and run as a community service, for food and education.


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