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As Fraternity Row was build with twelve buildings with their Efficient Unified Farming Housing design. Their circulating air system was blowing the heat down under their streets to blow up through tiny holes and support rubber tracks that continuously ran around the complex. They only had two big diesel engines which ran the two sets of tracks at different speeds. The inner track ran slowly so anyone could hop on to get where they wanted, the outer track ran quicker so they could move great distances quickly whenever they needed to. No cars, no traffic or pollution and corruption associated with them, were in the concealed environment of the complex. All the parking was outside to insure safety and convenience to park and then just ride to any needed destination in the complex.

This program increased the interaction and communication very quickly so the University adopted it and found a great increase in potential with the increase of space without any wasted for parking inside the University complex. Their enrollment also sky-rocketed since it had such a simple easy access system to all its facilities and community with the help and work of the students and vastly growing city. It not only increased the student involvement with the University but it increased the capacities of the University, and the business support and interest in their activities.

This increase in the educative and developmental capacities of this University continues to affect and direct the future of literally millions of people who freely choose to get involved here. Not only has this development reshaped the order and beauty of this fine city, in eliminating the traffic and pollution of cars, and the various unnecessary wastes and destruction involved in its own development; but most importantly it has opened the freedom of increasing ones potential to everyone, by giving them a chance to get involved with our own evolution, thus nearly eliminating poverty.


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