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May 12, 1996

To Whom it May Concern:

The purpose of this DRAFT contract WAS to define a specific relationship for STARS USA Inc. (Florida Not-for-Profit Corporation registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 corporation) to create the BETA County Web site using facilities available and in use by STARS USF (the registered USF student organization) already provided by USF.

This DRAFT contract begins with revising the existing FOCV grant received for an office, using space available at the County, the existing computer on my desk, and other available resources. The County Web site creation would be one of the primary service projects developed.

In Mid-April I presented a completed ALPHA web site to my Department Director (see "rmit" link below) . I was informed the County needed an "official" Web site not a "student project." In early-May I spoke to the Data Management Department Director. He told me I had completed the first County Web site and we had to get serious about it. He shared his current budget submittal which included Internet hardware. He shared his current weeks schedule which included County Commissioner meetings to discuss County Internet needs. I also mentioned my project development interests, USF Internet developments and STARS USA Inc. activities. He finished our meeting by stating that I would be sure to be involved in any Web Developments.

This Morning (5/12) I was invited to a meeting (3pm 5/24) with the County Budget Department Director, Purchasing & Contracts Department Director, Public Information Department Director, and the Data Management Department Director. My Manager and my Department General Manager both told me they felt it was likely to be a "conceptual" Web meeting.

Once again, attached is a DRAFT contract ONLY to define the relationship for STARS to use EXISTING and available resources for a BETA Site. Next Friday I hope to present an 'official' USF research proposal for developing a system of Beta sites. My request is for your assistance in revising, amending, expanding and/or completely redoing this agreement for establishing a considerable Internet presence for this county and its public resources.

I perceive it as a "set of Beta Sites" because it will require continuous development and years of testing. Hillsborough County currently has several HP 9000's running Informix, Genamap and other data collection and distribution systems which document all taxing, ownership, zoning, land use, construction, permitting, etc., etc. in its 1200 square mile area. The technologies available and required to provide public access to this public data through the web are varied and changing very quickly. This will create great opportunities to those of us who will accept this challenge.

PLEASE remember this enclosure is a very conceptual and brief DRAFT for this Web development with NO NEW RESOURCES and/or expenditures. The Documents required NOW may need CONSIDERABLE NEW resources and expenditures.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Eric R. Weaver

Project Director


ENC.: contract

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