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Unified Educational Resource Database; E =mc ^2 ==> Education equals Minds Connected Together.

The focus of STARS Services, Goals, Understanding, & Philosophy have developed from these fundamental concepts. Any Experience can be used as a tool for proper Education. The public schools were developed as a method to combine knowledge and experiences of others into a context easily transferred to our youth. STARS Evolution has committed this to practice as our current focus on bringing computers to our children illustrates.

The 1960's generated many similar self-focused principals and beliefs that will last long into the next century. Though not apparently beneficial, the public school systems were effected greatly. TODAY, all of the public Universities in this country provide some kind of Liberal Studies Degree, Directed Studies class, Independent Study course, and Directed Research classes.

Fundamentally, these courses require a student to submit "a written Proposal " explaining an academic mission, circumstance and goals for which this Degree major, or the individual courses are appropriate. The Degree will require 3 professors who together agree to the course requirements for the Degree. The classes can be directed and authorized by a single professor, but the student must commit to completing whatever is agreed to in contract for the grades.

Key Benefits

Professors can PROPOSE COURSES to complete detailed research
Businesses can PROPOSE COURSES to complete any necessary function
Students can PROPOSE COURSES to start their own Businesses
Student can contract to make INDIVIDUALIZED degrees and professions
All work can be of the "independent" nature AS CONTRACTED.


Essentially, ALL courses in any institution can be completed by direct contract to the professor teaching the course. This is a simple and fundamental component of the entire education system. The Professor is GOD of his Profession. He can do whatever he/she believes is appropriate to teach a subject.

HOWEVER, whenever a student PAYS tuition the implied contract entered into demands that ALL work and materials the student generates in learning the subject, IS OWNED BY THE STUDENT ........ Provided no other contract, payment or agreement is made.

That is to say, as a student in your class, I own my tests, notes, and reports. If you hire me, and require a non-disclosure agreement so I can participate in your research, then I only own the grade at the end... nothing else. However, if our independent study contract required that I learned to build widgets, and complete a final exam with no other requirements; then my widget building could be FOR PROFIT selling my widgets abroad independently.

Capability 1
Anyone can Propose a Course - the student, professor, independent business Governmental body or just a curios investor.
Capability 2
Anyone can Own the course results - as must be defined in the contract. Whoever commits auxiliary resources for completing the proposed course is usually the owner. (i.e. if a specialized University Lab is used, the University has rights to the product, if it's only my brain and the public library, &/or normal lab equipment and materials for the class are used, then the resulting product is mine!!!)
Capability 3
Problems are solved!!! Very detailed specific applied training is achieved. Applied problems may be undertaken instead of resolving text books.

Standing Proposition

What makes this all work????

STARS!!! ==========> E=mc^2

Eee equals Emm seee squared!!

Energy is a function of Mass at the Square of the Speed of Light!

Reference Accounts

Reference 1
Membership is defined by participation alone. All services provided are available to anyone. All concepts and understanding are very fundamental. TEST IT: Go ask you College Organic Chemistry Professor if he'll accept a report on your new enzyme culture in place of a homework assignment. Better still ask your 5th grade Gym teacher if you can teach the 1st grade tennis class instead of competing with your peers. BET - CHA they'll let you.... unless everyone else already tried it.
Reference 2
The services provided herein include a specific contract form which can be used to develop a STARS Project. Ideally, STARS projects should be initialized by members. Any STARS Public Service Project completed, documented, publicized and presented will go to providing for membership benefits.
Reference 3
Provided Below is a Standing Proposition to All Interested.
You can inquire as a Student, and propose to prove or dis-prove a component of the Standing Proposition, for the benefit of being my student and assisting in completing this publication.
You can be the Professor, and propose a degree and appropriate studies to publish and establish the Truths of this Standing Proposition, (this must include a tuition grant/waiver, and email/Internet procedures for completion)
You can be the Business, and propose a problem related to the Facts presented in the Standing Proposition. I will proceed to apply the Discovered Truths and solve the problem.

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