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Donate Equipment
Create Projects
Become Members
Fix Computers

These initial services are somewhat basic and fundamental. All services
available are based on participation in projects. The more interesting the
projects the greater the participation and the greater the services available.

Computer Donations
This service has increased member access to donated equipment which will allow us to develop more "summer shop" projects, build more elaborate and interesting computer systems and networks, as well as test and develop our own interests.
Projects For Credit
This database will allow community members to help develop projects.  Education equals Minds Connected Together to develop the operation of this unified educational resource database available on the World Wide Web.
Become a STARS member for an increased access to service resources, greater "say" in new project development, and granting and other activities.
Computer Repair Team

These members have been working on a pilot project demonstrating their abilities to diagnose, test and repair stand alone machines, networks, and internet functions we use in today's economy.  The STARS Computer Repair Team can provide most of these services for $30-$60/hour.



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