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PROJECTS are usually developed by involved members. Usually resulting from perceived opportunities. However, anyone can develop a project, anyone can propose one, help with one or otherwise participate.

ERCCD ==> The Educational Research Center for Child Development, has received donated old Macintosh Computers for STARS to network. The purpose of this project is to provide students an early introduction to these technologies, to develop pre-school software lesson plans, and to develop an Internet for the children to display the graphics works they create.
Hillsborough County's 1st Web Site
The purpose of this project is to provide students for the Development of Hillsborough County Internet services.
Lewis Elementary Summer Computer Shop
Lewis Elementary, who received some extra Macintosh Computers from ERCCD, has provided a classroom to STARS for rebuilding other extra Computers.
David C. Anchin Center Web Site
This web site was developed and expanded, it is currently only available here.



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