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September 16, 1997

Wednesday, August 20, 1997 I met with the Principal Luis at Lewis Elementary. I cleaned out Portable No. 1 to make space for the PTA to use it with STARS USA Inc. The conditions for our further use were defined as follows:

  1. Use must be scheduled in calendar at front desk. Monday - Thursday 7am-8pm the space maybe available, the school will use it for in school suspensions all day on Fridays.
  2. Leave the room as we found it. Moving desks as needed but returning them when completed.
  3. Any student working with or contacting faculty or students must complete a SERVE Form. One-day talks or scheduled tutorials for small groups will not require these forms.
  4. Several faculty members may become project officers to coordinate with FCIT for additional software use.
  5. Possible New Projects include:
    Apple IIe Network.
    Multimedia cart switches.
    Completed printer and network setup for the labs in 1st & 2nd grade pods.
    Add some additional computers to these labs.
    Coordination of Net Day.
    The PTA donated Laser Printer needs drum cleaning/replacement.
    Mac's need additional 2-4MB RAM chips possibly donated by local computer repair companies.
    Development of Grant Consortium for funding full time staff to run Lewis Shop.
  6. Current Shop systems in storage:
    2 image writers 1 Image Writer
    1 Mac SE/30 3 Mac SE keyboards
    3 Mac SE 2 Mac keyboards
    1 Mac Classic II 1 CD
    2 Mac Plus 7 Apple IIe, 9 5 drives
    1 Mac LC - 3 monitors 6 Apple IIe Monitors
    1 Mac II 1 Everex 386
    2 Apple Scanners 2 Tandy 286
    2 Epson IIe 286 10 IBM 5150
    8 IBM Monitors 2 Samtron Monitors
    1 Panasonic 24 Pin Printer

Wednesday, August 27, 1997, the Marshall Center Donated 54 additional pieces of equipment to this effort, which are now also stored at Lewis Elementary. Including:

4 Mac SE 1 Mac IIcx
5 Mac IIsi 11 Mac LCII
3 Apple Monitors 10 Keyboards
6 Harddrives 3 Mac SE/30's
3 Apple Tape Drives 8 Apple Printers

Thursday, August 28, 1997, I met with the president of the Management Information Society. He was very interested in the projects STARS was developing. I asked if I could schedule a meeting with his officers, and we plan to soon.  Tuesday, September 2, 1997, Dr. Rundus indicated that developing some presentation boards for children in the Lewis & ERCCD computer labs to look at for direction of system use maybe possible as one of the required projects in his Human/Computer Interaction class. He said it may be applicable to the teaching and training element in his class.  Dr. Casertano at ERCCD welcomed this as a needed benefit; many of his teachers may also use. Dr. Casertano recommended we meet with the faculty to discuss the focus of this project as well as their evaluations of it.

Wednesday, September 10, 1997 I met with Joe Fisher, Coordinator Volunteer Services, Dr. Drema Howard & Michael Tooke, the Director & Assistant Director of the Career Center. We agreed to help each other by linking our associated services across the web. We hope to provide students with coherent direction to jobs, internships, volunteer work and service learning opportunities. Dr. Howard has already begun compiling university department profiles on internships and will forward all volunteer information to Mr. Fisher. Mr. Fisher has compiled a database on civic volunteer opportunities and will make it available on the web shortly under the Phyllis P. Marshall Center web site: volunteer/. He will also provide a link to STARS.  September 16, 1997 I delivered a section of the STARS project folders detailed and compiled by members for civic volunteer opportunities.

Dr. Howard is still in need of students to develop web components, and will add Service Learning STARS Projects and USF Volunteer Services as soon as possible. STARS activities seem to over lap between these two programs, and the idea of providing a uniform listing and direction to opportunities is universally accepted and understood as a dire necessity. STARS Web developments will keep this in mind, and will continue to seek specific direction and support for everyone's efforts. 

A new additional STARS Project, I propose to the faculty receiving this, would be to build a database entry component. Mr. Fisher's USF Volunteer Services database is very functional and usable. We need to build a similar standard system to allow outside users to present new opportunities. Provide it with an initial check box so the information can be emailed to USF Volunteer Services, the Career Center or to Service Learning STARS Projects. Then each of us could have a new way to expand our systems and provide assistance in directing new opportunities to each other. Interest and recommendations on this new project will be welcomed.


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