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August 13, 1997

This morning I spoke to Tina James the SG Volunteer Coordinator about the current STARS projects we need help with immediately products.htm.    She had a few people for me to talk to, including Joe Fisher the Volunteer Coordinator for the Marshall Center.

Mr. Fisher and I spoke about our differing activities and similar needs.  I mentioned how you had requested I create a new STARS Service on our web site as a Volunteer database to list all the different programs currently offered at USF.  He mentioned his similar interest with the long list of opportunities he has received from the United Way & Hillsborough County.  We agreed we maybe able to develop a Volunteer Database to suit both our needs on the Marshal Center web server.

This afternoon I visited Dr. Drema Howard, the Career Center Director.  She described their current Job Line, Student Resume and Interview Scheduling services designed to meet the future career goals of all USF students.  Then she explained their specific expansion plans into more Internship opportunities having already established partnerships with Americorps, the YMCA and Campus Compact.  I explained STARS' current missions and focus as well as Mr. Fisher's interests.  She was very interested in scheduling a future meeting to include Mr. Mike Tooke, one of her supervisors, when he returned from vacation.

Dr. Howard said she could schedule a meeting for Mr. Tooke, Mr. Fisher & I to get a complete understanding of our common interests to help create a seamless interface for University Experiential Education opportunities. Further she mentioned how she had already contacted all the USF college department chairmen to get a listing of their academic volunteer activities in operation already. They were already starting to compile this data.

Dr. Howard also showed me their computer center and how they were hard at work trying to pull together more detailed web services without much budget. I offered to present this additional web service as a new project to the CSEE & MIS faculty I've already contacted. Further, I mentioned how I planned to help you with the NT/95 dual boot and FrontPage web productions and can be persuaded to do other contract work as well. This reminded me of the idea to have a "pool" of skilled computer students to do similar contract work on call for the entire university community.

Dr. Howard felt all these activities could be helpful in expanding their current offerings, and developing Experiential Education services throughout USF. I was able to tell Mr. Fisher about this as well as give him Dr. Howard's card. I also learned the Marshal Center web server already has IIS 3.0 and all the FrontPage extensions installed and operating for us to use in developing these database functions.

I do welcome any comments and suggestions for my accounting of today. I truly hope this may help us to fortify specific relationships and methods to bring these services to fruition. 


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