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Meeting May 1, 1998

As Project Director for STARS USA Inc. I recommended to the Board that a steering committee for this Public Housing Pilot Project: STARS Student Development Village is formed.  I further nominate the following:
    Lorene Steffes
    David J. Brown
    Bran Ferren
    Gary Beach
    Eric Weaver

    with Kathy Franklin as the Project Officer.

This committee has voting membership for the direction of this project.  These positions will function until the Board has approved the final developed agreement for the operation of this project and facilities membership.

This Steering Committee will be focused on insuring this project is developed to include as much opportunity and benefit as possible for each of the students who lives in these facilities.  This committee will:

    • Review attached Project Concept Paper for submittal to other potential participants.
    • Develop an agreement for corporate facilities membership.
    • Develop partnerships for facilities projects.
    • Including new project development procedures and equipment support and use guidelines.
    • Approve Procedures for accepting:
        1. new technologies
        2. new sponsors
        3. new service learning projects
        4. new students 

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