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August 19, 1997

Monday morning I began a position as a 20hr/wk Graduate Assistant with Dr. Katzenmeyer, first to build the Anchin Center Web site and computers, then to help pursue granting opportunities for STARS. They are now installing the Exchange NT 4.0 Server for the College of Education and will devote 7GB to Web sites. We will have direct access to web publishing and it will have all the MS FrontPage extensions and IIS 3.0 database function abilities. The Anchin Center beta site should be available shortly; I am presently rebuilding his PC, to set a dual boot to NT Server 4.0 and Windows 95. The server runs on NTSF 32-bit format and Not Fat32, while I can get 95 to run on Fat32 and not NTFS32, any help is welcome.

This morning I spoke to Dr. Cheney, he recommended I make a presentation to the MIS Student Society to recruit more students for building the Lewis and ERCCD labs. I will attend their pre-semester meeting Thursday at 1pm. Dr. Rundus requested similar presentations for the Computer Engineering student groups and I am preparing an outline for a presentation now (list at bottom).

Dr. Cheney also highly recommended their Master's of Science in MIS since it will be very applicable to my endeavors. Dr. Rundus said the engineering programs are more theoretical and not as applied. However, Dr. Cheney did recommended REF 4038 CAP 6100 Human Computer Interface as my first class this fall, which Dr. Rundus teaches. Meanwhile, Dr. Katzenmeyer has contacted the Education Dean's Office about processing a graduate tuition waiver at this late date, and possibly accepting me into their graduate program immediately. Applied interdisciplinary activities, which lead to building better functions for schools, services and community designs are of primary interest.

This afternoon I met with Michael Tooke. Assistant Director of Student Employment, Career Center. We discussed and reviewed the opportunities for us to work together on building a volunteer/internship database. In seeking to understand my focus for STARS, he was very inquisitive on my interests and goals. Fundamentally, our education system today is focused on textbooks, which are filled with examples and problems that have long been solved and understood. STARS is dedicated to helping college students bridge the gap between classroom studies and actual "hands on experience." Therefore, we seek to develop applied projects as normal classroom education, whereby student can learn while solving class related problems existing in our own communities.

I further explained the current focus of projects has resulted from my personal & professional contacts in the community at the county and my children's schools. STARS has developed only by "word-of-mouth," never fully funded or advertised. Mr. Tooke asked if they supported STARS and we received large numbers or inquiries what would I do. I explained that I was currently investigating grants with Dr. Katzenmeyer whereby I could hire any staff needed to coordinate greater numbers of students and projects. Mr. Tooke planned to discuss our meeting with Dr. Howard and contact me later about additional meetings.

I will happily pursue and support any new projects dedicated to solving other community problems right now. I would happily participate in any class offering which can include an "applied project" element, which can solve any community problems as a "Beta Example" of STARS services. I also welcome new ideas and suggestions to implementing and consolidating our efforts to enhance all the experiential education programs at our university. Each effort I've described here could be a "project for credit" in some class in this university if properly coordinated and established with the appropriate faculty. Suggestions and referrals to this end will be highly regarded as well.


Rafael Rivera :)
Project Director
stars2man at

"Everything Is perception; We can see & understand anything we want to
see." EMC2,1997


Current projects needing help:
ERCCD Mac Network needs: prod01.htm

Printers networked properly.
Software reconfigured to allow printing or saving to a "web?"
A web built?
New educational software installed.
New software lesson plans &/or teacher student instructors.

Lewis Mac Lab 1 & 2 needs:

Printers networked properly.
Software reconfigured to allow printing.
New educational software installed.
New software lesson plans &/or teacher student instructors.  (SERVE Volunteer forms required)

Lewis Shop: prod03.htm

Currently has multiple Macs, Apples, PC's, 8088's, monitors & printers, which can be used and rebuilt for above projects, or  other support services. New projects may also be proposed.  Personal use of equipment for schooling endeavors is possible   with participation. Shop maybe used as scheduled.

Hillsborough County Web Project: prod02.htm

is on hold pending administrative discussions.

Career Center:

Needs web functions created, built and tested.


Web database functions need fine-tuning.
Funding & equipment require accounting duties.

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Claire Robinson,

William Katzenmeyer,

Drema Howard,

Paul Cheney,

Dewey Rundus,

Joseph Fisher,

Mike Tooke,

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