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STARS has established a relationship with the Educational Research Center for Child Development, ERCCD, where we are able to develop a computer network for the 3-5 year old students who attend the center. The College of Architecture, the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, the Stravos Center, and the Marshal Center Computer Lab have been able to donate old Macintosh Computers for this effort. The purpose is to provide students an early introduction to the technologies, to develop pre-school software lesson plans, and to develop an Internet for the children to display graphics created.

Key Benefits

High School students are getting direct computer experience
ERCCD are receiving an advanced introduction to computers
Existing surplus equipment is gaining a new life in a beneficial use


Key Components Needed

Additional computer (1MB) RAM chips to provide at least 5MB per system
Additional faculty support to expand educational benefits to students assembling and using the computers
Faster server, possibly a PowerPC with a modem to provide true Internet Access
Macintosh Web browser with gray scaling for these old B/W machines

Donation Guides

Description Unit Price
Addition computers installed. $100 ea.
Expanded systems and software. $200 ea.
New support staff member, teacher or technician. $3000 ea. month

Information Request Form

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