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STARS ERCCD benefits are continuing. This summer the extra computers from ERCCD will be rebuilt in an extra classroom at Lewis Elementary. The local elementary school used two spare Macintoshes from ERCCD in the last school year. They have now offered a classroom for STARS to use over this summer (6/11/97-8/11/97) USF college students will be able to instruct young volunteers to disassemble, repair, and reassemble donated equipment. The Macintosh computers have many interchangeable parts. Further, several PC's will be re-worked as well. Students anxious to learn about hardware and software are encouraged to join us. The first meeting is at 6pm on Monday, June 16th..... PLEASE ATTEND!!

Key Benefits

Students will work in teams with younger kids experimenting with equipment component and configuration options.
Everyone will be able to experience the Computer Science field first hand.
Opportunities to build and test new system configurations and operation systems will be explored.

Key Needs

Students who will commit 2-3 hours per week.
Students able to teach and help younger kids experience and explore the computers.
Ability to understand hardware and software components to find faults and repair them, or replace them.


Donation Guides

Description Unit Price
Addition computer hardware training class developed. $1000 ea.
Expanded systems software training. $2000 ea.
New support staff member, teacher or technician. $3000 ea. month

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