Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
Margaret Mead

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Present Projects

Computer Labs – This project begins with collecting excess or unwanted computers from companies. STARS donates these computers to under funded computer labs in churches and public schools. The program also features assisting in the training of students on how to use and repair computers.

Eagle Scouts – An Eagle Scout project has started to develop a pre-law student internship program for Tampa High Schools. Keep It Simple Solutions LLC is developing training materials. STARS is currently seeking funding to expand the number of students trained.

Safe Cycle Hydroponics Systems – The Unified Community and Unified Farming concepts are being built adjacent to a Tampa City Park to encourage education, recycling and water resource utilization and preservation.

Moving Sidewalk – In conjunction with the Unified Housing and Unified Farming the movement of water is central for the development of life. The Sidewalk Patent expands on these fundamentals to utilize Stormwater collection systems for moving people. Negotiations with city and university officials to develop the prototype linked to Tampa’s River Walk will begin shortly

Parks Projects – In conjunction with the Moving Sidewalk Patent the Tampa Parks department has begun construction of a bike trail adjacent to the SCIRE Center.

Road Bike Patent – Once this patent is completed and the product goes to market, all proceeds shall be dispersed among other STARS charitable projects.

Scholarship Program – The objective here is raise funds to provide college scholarships to exceptional students who otherwise could not afford college and had somehow been passed over by other scholarship agencies.

STARS was founded in 1984 by Rafael Rivera at the University of South Florida in Tampa.

Project abstract
We build projects for credit. Please join us to add your skills.

Under its original name Rent-A-Student, it s goal was to provide opportunities for students to get college credit for real world activities. Since Eric and Chuck were both Engineering students at that time, their efforts focused mainly upon using their developing expertise to assist in community enhancement projects.

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